Indie Venue #3 | The Staircase – Elaine Mae

27 Dundurn St N

Once you're inside: Enter the space from the gravel track, up 3 steps/stairs located outside of the building. There are no steps once inside the venue. The emergency exit has 3 steps/stairs. This venue does not have a wheel-chair accessible washroom; one can be accessed at The Staircase. One gender-neutral washroom. No changing table available. Outside in: The Elaine Mae venue is The Staircase’s sister event venue. Located on the same property, the small white building features a large wall mural of a bird when facing from King St W, is located beside The Staircase building with the cafe, Studio Theatre, and Bright Room. Please note: These buildings are not physically connected, travel will take place around the perimeter. *Wheelchair access into The Staircase will require staff to open the back door if not currently in use. On-site staff are happy to support this process*
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27 Dundurn St N




Email: info@hftco.ca


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