The Hamilton Fringe Festival is back LIVE and BIGGER THAN EVER July 20-31, 2022

Recent Media Releases

    Recent Media Releases

    Media Contact:

    Aleena Faisal

    Accredited members of the media are entitled to a Media Pass to the 2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival. Contact Franny [] to gain accreditation and activate your Media Pass. Once is it activated, you can book your complimentary tickets by following the steps below:

    • Go to
    • Click ‘Log In’ on the top menu.
    • Log in with your existing account information. If you’ve forgotten your password, click “reset your password” and follow the prompts emailed to you.
    • Once logged in, navigate to the ‘What’s On’ page on the top menu to browse shows.
    • When you’ve found a show you’d like to book, make sure you select the ‘Media Comp’ ticket from the list and add it to your basket. You must be logged in to select this ticket, or you will receive an error message.
    • When you’re done adding tickets to the shows you want to see, click on ‘Basket’ on the top menu and then check out.
      You will receive an email confirming your order and purchase reminder emails on the day of any/all events you book tickets to.
    • Ticket booking questions can be directed to the Box Office.

    Hamilton Fringe Festival 2019

    The VIEW – Camille Inston (cover), July 4

    The VIEW – David Brennan (inside cover, feature), July 4

    Hamilton Spectator – David Brennan (GO cover), July 9

    Hamilton Spectator – Franny (GO interior, 1/2 page), July 10

    CHCH Morning Live – Franny + Mark McNeil, July 10

    The VIEW – Fringe previews (cover), July 11

    CBC – Fringe video previews, July 12 

    L’Express – Babel-o-drome, July 15

    CBC – preview on Facebook featuring Penny Ashton, July 16

    CHCH Morning Live – Franny + Rob Malo, July 17

    Cable 14, City Matters – Franny, July 18

    CHCH Evening News – E.A.T., July 20

    CHCH Evening News – A Time of Future Tales, Fay & Fluffy, July 20

    CHCH Evening News – Camille Inston, July 20

    The VIEW – Reviews, online July 26/print Aug 1

    Hamilton Spectator, 7 Things To Do This Weekend, July 26 

    Hamilton Spectator – Jeff Mahoney preview/reviews, July 26 

    CHCH Evening News – Naloxone Training, July 27

    Hamilton Spectator – Jeff Mahoney wrap up/reviews, July 27

    CBC – Naloxone training, July 27

    CBC – Camille Intson & Fringe wrap-up, “Hamilton artist wins Best in Fringe in record-setting festival”, July 29



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