Beat Around The Bush (And Other Puns About My Vulva)


Thu 20th Jul - Sat 29th Jul

This FREE show is part of the 2023 FRINGE ALL-ACCESS series. No purchase required––just come on down to the Fringe Club Outdoor Stage at 190 King William Street!


Periods are still stigmatized. No one’s willing to compare ovarian cysts. For the uterus-havers, things are bad in genital— sorry, general. So it’s time to stop beating around the bush (and start beating the bush directly, yeah, just like that, no wait, a little to the left) in the form of a highly educational, highly nasty TED talk spanning medical discrimination to the catholic church.
Playwright: Claud Spadafora
Performers: Claud Spadafora
Event Details
Genre: Storytelling/Solo Show, Theatre—Comedy
Duration: 60 mins
Warnings: Sexual Content, Coarse Language, Other
Age Suitability: Mature (ages 18+)

Thu 20th Jul

@ 7.00pm

Fringe Club Outdoor Stage

Sat 29th Jul

@ 6.30pm

Fringe Club Outdoor Stage


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